Monday, July 23, 2012

Favouritism: The Body Needs

As you may have noticed (I hope you've noticed!), I now have an ad on my blog, underneath the 'Follow' gadgets. It's for The Body Needs, and I'm so proud to be an affiliate of theirs! I'm very fond of their products, and I'd like to direct any new customers that I can to their site. I've made four orders from The Body Needs in as many months, since I discovered them through Jangsara's blog. The company is run by Cheryl and Grant, and they've been delivering fantastic cosmetics to the world since 2005.

Their products are fast becoming a favourite of mine. Their Under Eye Concealer is a staple in my makeup routine, and I frequently visit their site, planning for my next purchase. Their Mineral Eye Shadows specifically just wow me. I mean, I actually say 'wooooow' when I swatch some of them for the first time, they never fail to impress me. all I've only purchased loose shadows so far, but they do crush pots (pressed pans) too. And they're hypoallergenic! My latest order contained 'The Blackened Collection' (pictured below). It's a set of ten loose shadows, available in either .6g or 1.5g pots. I got the .6g pots, since loose shadows last me forever and you only need to use a little of TBN's well pigmented shadows. I've also purchased the 'Eye Candy Collection', a set of beautiful bright shadows, and the corresponding 'Eye Candy Gel Liner Collection'.*

Swatched over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy: Blackened Teal, Blackened Navy,
Blackened Blue, Blackened Turquoise, Blackened Emerald
Blackened Iridescence, Blackened Gold, 
Blackened Bronze,Blackened Violet, Blackened Maroon 

I also got some lip luster in my most recent order. I've seen them on the site and been eager to try them for some time. I ordered three different shades - 'Cloyingly Coral', 'Coralberry' and 'Tokyo Pink' (pictured below). My favourite of these is 'Coralberry'. It's just a gorgeous colour that lasts for hours. It's a little more sheer than the other two I have. 'Cloyingly Coral' has a nice satin finish, with great colour payoff. 'Tokyo Pink' is the craziest! It's such an intense pale pink, I love it. These lip lusters have great lasting power, and don't dry out my lips. I'll be collecting more of these!

Coralberry, Cloyingly Coral, Tokyo Pink

Do they stock blush? Hell yes. They do both loose and pressed blush. They carry some of the boldest shades I've come across, along with some softer, more muted colours. I've collected several at this point. Mostly the ones I have are a little shimmery, just a couple of matte shades.
I have a number of TBN glitters too. They do eye safe glitters that they come in pretty much any colour you could imagine, and they've got some fantastic looking gel glitters. They're so unique and pretty. They also have a range of body glitters, but I currently don't have use for body glitter and so haven't yet tried any. I got one of the gel glitters recently in 'Avalanche', I'm very excited about this one and I'm currently thinking of how to integrate it into an awesome look to show it off.

TBN satisfies my not-so-inner bargain hunter, big time. There are regular sale item rotations, not to mention the 1c sample. I've picked up three different samples, each of them glitter. They're an actual steal. I mean, I almost felt bad that I got them each for one American cent. That's even less than one European cent. Pure madness. I've only scratched the surface of the range of products they offer, so I highly recommend you check out the website:

Finally, The Body Needs sports the reassuring 'Cruelty Free' logo on their site, and the majority of products are vegan certified. Really, what's not to love about them? <3

I just realised how much of a consumer I am when it comes to makeup, and I'm pretty comfortable with that.


  1. Nice review Missus, I love the Tokyo Pink lip luster. And the Blackened Iridescence, Blackened Gold and Blackened Emerald. What are you swatching them over? Is it like a primer of sorts?

  2. Thank you! They're swatched over a base for sparkly/shimmery shadows. I find they work best with loose shadows. It helps a them to cling better, you get a lot more wear and they look much more vibrant. You have to wear a primer under it still though, it doesn't prevent creasing. More info here:

    I can let you know next time I'm making an order from TBN if you see anything you like there. Also, planning peanut butter/oreo thing sometime this week! :)

  3. Ooooh yes! Yes to everything. I just went and set up and account there so I could add a pile of things to a wish list - i'm skint for the next fortnight but at least I have everything I want to buy in a lovely list, ha!

  4. Awesome! You can pop round and check out some of the stuff I have if you want. I'm pretty skint for the immediate future too, but we can coordinate an order when we both have some dosh again. Hurrah!

  5. Deadly! I will have a sconce during the weight gain session! I will have to show my sister and mother this too, they love eyeshadow much more than I do.

  6. Cool, I hope they'll like it :) I'll summon you in a few days for the weight gain, perhaps Wednesday or Thursday. I'll be in touch! <3