Saturday, September 15, 2012

This Week's Nails #1 - Go Bold!

Hello! I do my nails just about once a week, so I'm gonnna post a pic here each time I do them!
This week it's an Essence polish. The shade is 'Go Bold!', it's one of the new ones. They recently released new packaging for their polishes, the new bottle shape looks so much nicer. The new bottles contain 8ml, the previous smaller bottles contained 5ml, and the price of these new ones is 50c more at €1.79 which is fine for 3ml more of polish.
There are a ton of new shades! Some of the old ones are still available, but it was a real overhaul for the polish line. I'm glad I have so many of the old shades since they'll be discontinued now, but I wish they all had the new brush that's in the new bottles! It's much denser and wider, it makes things so much easier. I'm not the best at painting my nails. My left hand usually goes ok, but to be honest when I do my right hand it looks like I've used my foot. 

Without further ado, here's a pretty picture that I took with my new camera and ring light that I got in the mail today! Hooray for not relying on daylight anymore \o/

Classy colour, right? It's a really nice pale gold. Definitely one of my favourites from Essence! It's one of those colours you can wear anywhere too, it's not too flashy for the office or school, and it's still exciting enough to wear on a night out! I totally recommend the new line of Essence polishes, they're such a cool change from the old ones and you can't beat the price! I got most of them recently so you'll definitely see some more pictures here in the coming weeks. See ya soon!


  1. I've seen this Essence polish and passed by it, I think i'll check it out next time

  2. You should! It's very pretty, I'm a big fan :)

  3. I have yet to try out Essence's new bottles! It looks very nice though :)

    1. They're soooo much better than the old ones, I'm in love with the brush. Definitely pick one up! :D