Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This Week's Nails #2 - Vivid Violet

Hello there! ~_^

This week I'm wearing No7's Stay Perfect polish in Vivid Violet. It's a beautiful colour, one of the best purples I own! I'm not sure what the exact price was, since it was a birthday gift from my little brother (he's such a sweetie!). On the Boots UK site the price is £5.50, which is about €7. If it's much different here in Ireland I'll be sure to let you know!

This week I sucked especially hard at application. Deeply sorry, but sometimes I just have an off day! Any mess or bumps are completely my own fault, not that of the polish.
I applied it Sunday night, photographed on Monday evening, and it truly has 'stayed perfect' so far up until today (Wednesday). It still looks exactly as it did the day I applied it. The brush is nice and thick, too. Not as thick as the Essence brush in the polish from last week so it doesn't give quite as much coverage in one stroke, but it's not far off!
This No7 polish is a really nice break from the norm for me. I mostly own Essence ones since I'm often quite broke and they're the best quality low cost polish that I've found. I think I'll try a wider variety of brands from now on!

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