Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This Week's Nails #3 - Naughty and Pink!

Sorry for two nail posts in a row! I've been trying to find time to do a makeup look, but I've been pretty stuck for time lately. I made time to do my nails though, I can't stand them being bare. It makes me feel so blokey >.>

This one is called 'Naughty and Pink!'. It's by Essence, and it's priced at €1.79. In the photo it looks crazy bright, but it actually looks a few shades darker in most light. I wasn't sure of it at first because it looked a bit strange against my skin tone, but it grew on me!
I'm using a different top and base coat this time. I was at my mother's house and I forgot to bring mine with me. She had a Sally Hansen one, it's both a base coat and a top coat. I believe it's called Diamond Shine. It's in an all silver bottle. Initially I was really impressed with it, it dried really fast and the polish felt really solid on my nails. The next day though, I got a chip. You can see it in the photo, at the tip of my middle finger. Now most of the nails on both hands are chipped quite badly :(

To be fair I did a TON of housework that day and I was super rough with my nails, so perhaps it's not entirely the fault of the top coat. I know that Sally Hansen products have a good reputation. I'd like to get it for myself and give it another go because I liked that it dried quickly. I normally use an Essence top coat, but it seems to take much longer to dry and I often mess my polish up trying to do stuff in the meantime.

I shall return and report my findings! :D


  1. you can't go wrong with pink :] breast cancer awareness month :P

    1. I didn't know that! That's cool, I will make all the things pink this month :D