Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This Week's Nails #8 - Wanna Say Hello/Time For Romance

I did my nails last night and I'm really happy with how they came out! I wanted something trendy and I wanted to use glitter, and after some rummaging in my polish box I found a couple that I thought would look nice. I'm having a really rough time photographing glitter, so I'll post a few pictures. Unfortunately none of them do it justice, so try to use your imagination! ^_^
The first colour I applied was Essence's 'Wanna Say Hello', a rich, dark, chocolate brown. My bottle is from the older range, but the good news is that this polish is still available! It's priced at €1.79 and has a new and improved design.
I layered two coats of Essence's 'Time For Romance' on top of the brown. Again, my bottle is the old design, but this one is still available too! It's also priced at €1.79. This polish is gorgeous, and compliments 'Wanna Say Hello' just perfectly.
It's a real shame that the glitter doesn't photograph well. I'll describe it as best I can! It's coloured a rose gold shade, but more peachy. It has a sort of glow about it, it's lovely. The glitter is irregular  and some of the smaller bits reflect green, blue and sliver. You'd have to see for yourself! Alone it has a wine coloured base, but you can't see this over the brown polish. I'm not sure what it looks like on, I've only swatched it on white paper to see what it looks like. I hope you like this manicure as much as I do! See you soon ~_^

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