Monday, October 15, 2012

Review - Maybelline Fit Me

I promised something different, so here's a foundation review!
I picked this up because I've been feeling like my current foundation is a little pale for me right now. I didn't have a darker one to mix it with, so I went to look for a new foundation. I currently use Revlon Colorstay for dry skin in Ivory, which I got in early summer, but since I tanned slightly over the summer (very slightly!), this one makes my face look a touch paler than the rest of me. I actually ended up using Maybelline's BB Cream instead for most of the summer, so I didn't notice that I had tanned until I started to use foundation again recently. I have fair, yellow toned skin so I often have to choose the lightest or second lightest shade available in a range, after testing of course. I love Revlon Colorstay. It gives great coverage, doesn't emphasise dry patches and stays on all day. Not a bad word to say about it!

When I got my Revlon Colorstay, I did a fair bit of research on it first. Fit Me I just bought on a whim. I had a look around Boots, this one appealed, it instructed me on how to find my shade so I did that and picked it up. I chose the palest shade for fair, yellow toned skin which is '120 - Classic Ivory'.

Here's a picture of the products I used for this review:
Left: 17's 'Photo Flawless' primer | Right: Maybelline 'Fit Me' foundation
In order to properly show the coverage of this foundation on my skin, I took photos of different stages of application. One is of my bare, yucky, blemished, sun damaged, open pored skin.
Please mentally prepare before viewing the following pictures.

Picture 1 - The aforementioned icky bare skin. Notice all the imperfections.

Picture 2 - The same icky bare skin, primed with 17's 'Photo Flawless Skin Primer'. It's not the best primer I've used, but it's tiding me over while I hunt for a new one. I'll more often than not use Maybelline's BB Cream as a primer.
Pores slightly minimized
Picture 3 - Fit Me foundation '120 - Classic Ivory' applied with a stippling brush.

Much better!
It's a tad on the dark side, and it's got some sort of weird orange/tan undertone to it. I'm not fond of the colour to be honest. For the palest shade for yellow toned skin it's still quite dark. The coverage is decent. It's not as good as Revlon Colorstay, but it's sufficient. Luckily I don't have bad skin problems so I don't need heavy coverage, but if you need heavier coverage I wouldn't recommend this foundation.
It feels nice on my skin and it doesn't emphasise dry patches. Even though I didn't moisturise before I primed, it still didn't cling to any dry skin on my face. I get flaky skin most prominently between my eyebrows and on the sides of my face, but as you can see from the picture below Fit Me doesn't emphasise it.

Picture 4 - Full face picture, just foundation. No concealers or powders.

O hai! Please excuse the unkempt eyebrows.
This foundation doesn't matte your skin completely. Notice I have shine on my forehead that needs to be fixed with powder. I wore it for about 8 hours and it didn't dry up or fall off or go patchy or anything like that. I like this foundation, but I don't think I'd buy it again because they don't have the right shade for me. I will continue to use this because I hate to waste a good foundation, but I will probably try mixing it with Revlon Colorstay to lighten the colour.


  1. Looks lovely on you but pity the palest shade for your skin tone isn't really light enough! Agree Revlon is great and have a really decent range of shades!

  2. Yeah I'm mad about the Revlon one I have, it's great! I'll be able to find some balance between the shades I'm sure :) Thank you for commenting, I'm a big fan of your blog!