Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wedding Nails - Forbidden

My uncle was married yesterday! The wedding ceremony was held at Fossa Church in Killarney, it's a beautiful venue. I traveled to Killarney on Thursday with my Mam and her boyfriend Paul, and we stayed in the Killarney Heights Hotel. The wedding celebrations were held there too, and it was fantastic. There were a lot of guests! About 260 people were there. Everything went so smoothly, thanks to the incredible staff, and a great time was had by all! ^_^

So, on to the nails! I thought about getting gel nails done, but I like to change my nail colour often so I didn't bother with it. I'm actually on a nail polish ban right now, I have quite a few colours I haven't worn yet. Until I've worn most of those, I won't buy any more! I've been browsing on and there are some really awesome mini collections that I would like to acquire. Also, Viola at did a post on Nubar's 'Night Sparkle' recently and it's so pretty. Don't even get me started on OPI's 'The Man with the Golden Gun', a limited edition 18K gold top coat. Disgustingly beautiful. The world of nail polish is testing me! T_T

For the wedding I wore red and black. I don't have any pictures, but if I come across any I'll throw some up. I got ridiculous red heels that killed my feet (I am extremely inexperienced with any sort of heels), and my sister did my hair a bit and I had a fascinator and everything! I rocked a red lip too, but to my dismay I was the only lady there doing so..I guess nobody else was feeling brave! I did my nails with Revlon's 'Forbidden'.

It's a gorgeous, vampy, deep red. I felt really grown up and classy wearing this one. Not that I'm not a grown up, I just don't act like one ~_^ Deep red and berry nails are an Autumn trend from what I understand, so hooray for trendy me! I don't often wear dark colours, I have a lot of brights and glittery/shimmery things. I thought I'd dry something new. I got Sally Hansen's Diamond Shine base coat and top coat too, and I've been using it as both. I found it in Boots after looking in a few pharmacies first. It's worked really well for me since I got it. As a topcoat I much prefer it to the Essence ones I have. It's thinner and dries much faster. I did read some reviews of it online slating it for weakening the nails when it's used as a base coat, but I haven't experienced anything like this yet. If I do I'll be sure to report in! Luckily if I have any problems I have the Revlon base coat to fall back on, and that one's great. I'll keep you guys posted.

There have been many nail posts lately, but I promise I'll do something different soon. I've been stuck for time but nails are always a sure thing with me!

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