Friday, October 26, 2012

Urban Decay Smoked 24/7 Glide-on Pencil Set

Ok, back for part two of my gifts from Arizona! Along with the Vice Palette, I also got an Urban Decay eyeliner pencil set. There are six mini pencils in this set. Here are some pictures:
It was packaged in a clear plastic box but I took it out of there for a better photo.
This set contains two exclusive pencils (Mainline and Smog), along with two bestsellers (Zero and Demolition), and two which were discontinued and according to the website, are featured in this set by popular demand (Uzi and Empire). I've never used UD pencils before, so I was really interested to find out what they're like! Swatches incoming:
Uzi, Zero, Demolition, Smog, Empire, Mainline
I can't draw a straight line to save my life, but you get the idea! The colours are so awesome. I struggle to find good drugstore eyeliners, I'm so glad I've got these now. They're soft and creamy, easy to apply and very pigmented! I haven't had a chance to use these in a look yet, but I'm dying to! Maybe I'll have time tomorrow. I left these swatches on my arm for the rest of the evening to get an idea of staying power. They did quite well considering I swatched on bare skin. Five hours later they were still there but quite faded, over primer they'll do much better.
These are mini pencils, each containing 0.8g of product. This set is priced at $38 (€29.30), which works out at little over $6 (€4.60) per pencil. The full sized pencils contain 1.2g of product and are priced at $19 (€14.60) each. Please note that these euro prices are only conversions of their dollar value and will vary from different retailers.

I've always wondered what the UD pencils are like, but they're pretty steep compared to what I normally pay for a pencil. If you think about it though, pencils last for so long. The black kohl pencil I use now is so worn it doesn't even have writing on it anymore, I've had it for years! The quality of these just doesn't compare to any drugstore pencil I've used. I've been looking at the full range of pencils on the UD site and I think I'll have to pick up a few more :) Christmas is coming, maybe Santa will bring me some! ^_^
If you've been wanting to try out the UD pencils this is the ideal set for you. In my opinion they're totally worth the money, and this mini set is a great price considering the cost of the full size pencils. Check it out, you won't be disappointed!


  1. he should've got you the ocho loco!! this set is so pretty tho!

    1. Haha yeah the Ocho Looo set is really cool too. Maybe for Christmas! He nailed it for his first time ever buying me makeup though! lol