Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Review - Simple Moisture Boost Hydro Cream

My skin has been really dry and flaky since it started to get cold. I was really suffering! It's mainly on my forehead and around my eyebrows. I don't really have a proper skincare routine, I use a Neutrogena wash every two or three days and I moisturize most days. I was using No7 Heavenly Hydration Mask, which normally keeps my skin from flaking, but even that stopped helping. I had a look in Boots last week and decided I'd try Simple's Moisture Boost Hydro Cream. I have a few Simple products already and I like them a lot! I picked it for about €8.

I've used it four times this week so far, it's really nice. It works so well I'm not even needing to use it every day. It's a white cream, and one pump is enough to cover my whole face and neck. This bottle is 50ml, which isn't an awful lot so I'm not sure how long it will last. The packaging says that it's 'clinically proven to carry on working for 24 hours', and it does! It doesn't feel greasy, absorbs quickly enough and makes your skin really soft. It's totally sorted out my dryness. Definitely pick one up if the weather is doing a number on your skin!


  1. I swear by Simple's products, definitely one of the best highstreet skincare brands. I've not tried this product though will keep an eye out for it as my skin is soo dry at the minute. I'm a new follower from Beautylish :) x

    1. Thank you for the follow! I checked out your blog, Criminology & Psychology graduate? Impressive! I read your hair wish list post, sad that you didn't get the Argon Oil you ordered! I got a Lee Stafford one from Boots as a gift, it's so great. I have crap, abused hair and it makes it lovely :3 Do check out this moisturiser, I really like it!