Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nail Art #2 - Pink and Black Gradient Nails

More nail art! I'm still keeping it simple, I attempted pink and black gradient nails today. They came out a little weird and messy but I still think they're pretty cool. I think I need a cosmetic sponge for this one, I used the rest of the kitchen sponge I used for my galaxy nails and I think the texture is too rough or something. I painted two coats of pink and sponged some black on the nails. I saw this method on cutepolish's youtube chanel. If you haven't seen her channel before go check it out, it's awesome! I want to do this gradient effect again, only better and in different colours. It looks really nice! Here's my manicure:

Products used:

Essence - Black is Back, Ultimate Pink


  1. So nice! I have to try it right now!

  2. That's pretty cool! I love my black and pink colour combo :)
    Will actually be dressing up black and pink this Saturday for a fashion/horserace event. They have a funky dress-up theme about flying so I'm gonna rock up with wings on my back and feathers in my hair hahaha :)
    Gonna also maybe rock with wingy nail art!
    Artistically Curious